Professionals: KSoH works for you

The Kenyan Society of Homeopaths is your organization, active to represent the professional homeopaths in Kenya and serve the public through high standards of practice ethics.

Some of what we do for you:

  • National register of professional homeopaths
  • Directory of homeopaths, distributed to all concerning ministries, major organizations and businesses, and the public.
  • Advocacy on issues that concern homeopathic practice and pharmacy
  • Standardization of the quality of homeopathic curriculum in Kenya
  • Continuing professional development
  • Networking & news
  • Public awareness

KSoH advocates for you
Changing Regulations in Kenya Regarding Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine

Kenyan government has begun to set in motion new regulations regarding alternative medicines, and alternative practices. KSoH is here to be your voice to the regulating bodies so that homeopaths have the best opportunity to practice freely.

Continuing professional development
Staying in touch with latest developments

CPD courses and classes are offered regularly by our own members or visiting homeopaths.