Application Form

Please fill up this form and submit. All information submitted here is strictly confidential to the Sacco and is not shared. We shall get back to you soon.

1. Personal Details

First Middle Last Names
PO Box, Town, Postal Code
Physical Location, Town

2. Employment Details

Casual - Permanent - Contract - Self Employed - Other
Employer’s Name
Employer’s Name
Employer’s Email
How long have you been working at this company?
If under contract or temporary employment, how long will the contract be for?
What is your position in the company?
What is your gross monthly income?

3. Referee Details

Give the details of the person who is introducing you to the SACCO.
Name of the person introducing you.
What is the relationship you have with the referee?
Later, you will need to complete this form with copies of the following:
>>  Initial Registration Fee (Ksh 500)
>>  Initial first deposit
>>  Copy of identity card or valid passport
>>  Copy of KRA PIN
>>  1 colour passport size photo (emailing a jpg also is acceptable)